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Cosplayer. Gamer. Fangirl.
DreamKitty is a body positive cosplayer who is dedicated to making the cosplay community a more welcoming place for everyone. #cospositive

All proceeds from this shop will be used to create new and more intricate cosplays as well as help to offset the costs of appearances at conventions.

Humble beginnings, constant growth.

After teaching myself how to sew as a child by practicing on my old quilt, I decided to hone my skill by creating all the outfits I dreamed of wearing. From Princess Serenity to Princess Garnet, Toph Bei Fong to a Diablo Assassin, my portfolio is diverse and colourful! I endeavour to learn something new with every build and find happiness in a job well done.

Please consider supporting my cosplay journey by purchasing a print or sending a donation!

Body Positive

Be you.